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Italian Catering Company in Oakville, ON

Three are the most important aspects for the perfect success of an event.
After choosing the right location: The food, the atmosphere and the SERVICE are all important steps.

Without good service, an event will never be perfect.
Parlato’s Catering can count on efficient and coordinated teamwork through our beloved collaborators in every area.
Our company philosophy allows us to choose highly qualified, dynamic, courteous, but above all passionate staff.
Our collaborators know they are part of a large family where the excellent customer service is one of the important foundations of our success.


  • Waiters / Bartenders/Chicken Helps $25 - 32.00 per hour
  • Chefs $35 – 40 Per hour
  • Event Supervisors $40.00 – 55.00 per hour
  • Event Coordinator $35.00 –40.00 per hour
  • Floor manager $35.00 – 45.00 per hour

Italian Catering Services include: Wedding Catering | Corporate and Private Event Catering | Family Style Catering | Holiday Catering | Funeral Catering

Other Services offered by Parlato's Catering: Full Service Catering | Event Planning | Event Locations | Staff Service | Equipment Service | Delivery

We provide Italian Catering Services to clients across Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Toronto, and the surrounding areas.

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